Re: Nevada and Idaho activations Saturday and Sunday June 25/26

David Olean

Hi Peter

I can make one day, but not both. I have numerous projects going on at the shack and my camp. The camp projects include re finishing the deck and building a new swim float. I just got two extra float units, so can finish that job.   At home, I am building a rather large spool rack so that I can unwind some new 1 5/8" coax off the humongous reel and run it up the tower. The old coax has been water damaged for years. I finished the two racks today. With the cost of lumber, I opted for cutting down small oak trees and trimming them up with my chainsaw.  I used oak logs instead of lumber.

So I will be back home on Sunday morning, but at 1500 UT, The moon is too high for my elevation system. The tower guy wires get in the way. It is one of the problems of having the same antenna for tropo as well as EME.  I will have to wait a few hours until the moon gets down to 50 degrees.  One thing I have discovered has me quite perplexed. I suspect that my array has been out of phase for a long time. I have been plagued by not having the array aimed correctly. I bore sighted the yagis only to discover that the antenna would peak about 6 degrees off the true heading.  I finally got a good signal with no QSB to test with, and have found that I have two main lobes. It has been that way for quite awhile. First order of business is to find the faulty feedpoint. The simple solution temporarily is to add 180 degrees to one of the feedlines. When I get a chance, I can remove the offending yagi and fix things.  I was positive that all my T matches were positioned the same. I checked it with binoculars today and they are all oriented the same way. I have no clue what could be wrong.

I have a new Q5 Signal transverter with phase locking. It is locked to a 10 MHz Wenzel Associates proportional ovenized oscillator. It is more than enough for ham use.

CU (I hope) on Sunday.

Dave K1WHS

On 6/24/2022 2:56 PM, Peter KA6U wrote:

Saturday June 25 i plan to activate Nevada in DN21 on 222 EME (MS is also possible if in range).  Estimated time is 1500UTC.

Sunday June 26 I plan to activate Idaho in DN21 on 222 EME (MS is also possible if in range).
Estimated time is 1500UTC

If you would like to try on 222 please send an email to petervanh143@....

Also look at my blog:

Peter KA6U

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