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This is a temporary group to coordinate the 2022 Pine Bluff RV Formation Flying Clinic at Pine Bluff, AR  KPBF (Center of the World),   (Thursday)Friday - Sunday, the weekend of Sept 29th -Oct 2nd.  New Formation pilots are encouraged to come in on Thursday Sept 29th   if possible for some personalized one on one training.  You should be able to get in all of your intro, and basic single/two ship flights which lets you use Friday-Sunday for real quality training time.  Non-Carded pilots can work on specific 4 ship skills and tune up for check rides.  It will be a really good low stress personalized learning experience in front of the main event!   Bulldog flight is committed to get you more flights, more quality learning, and more fun than any clinic you have ever attended.  If not, it won't be for lack of effort on our part! 

Participants should have excellent stick and rudder RV skills and your aircraft should be in excellent condition with dual copilot controls (stick, rudders, throttle) , an intercom, PTT switch for both pilots, and NO VERNIER THROTTLES. Pilots should be able to hold the white line on take off +/- 5 feet either side, and know how to land it where you want it.  

COVID-19 Guidelines in 2022 ...  standard stuff.  Please consider your friends and understand that in a city run public airport, we have to abide by guidelines that are in place at the time of the clinic. Don't sneeze on anyone.

You may join this group for more information and to receive notices.  We expect this clinic to fill up and we are limited to 40 participating aircraft.  As you sign into the database, please note the column that says Confirmation # (Crfm#).   We will fill that in for you.  If it is less than 40 you are in for a great couple of days flying.  If it says S# in the Crfm# field, that will be your Standby status number as folks drop out.  

To enroll in the clinic, you must go to the Database section and ADD a Record in the Sign-up Database after you have joined the group.  Leave the Crfm# field blank!  The airport authorities have limited us to 40 pilots. We usually have around 30% of the pilots cancel due to WX or personal conflicts before clinic time, so pay attention to your Standby status if you are not in the first confirmed 40!   Sign up...this is like Petit Jean... we're working hard to get you in!

The FILES section of the group site contains manuals, documents, and other information such as schedules, hotel and transportation information as it becomes available.  Documents 1a though 2b are important for your learning experience.

Check out the PHOTO's section for some nice big formation shots!

ATTENTION:   ALL participants must take and pass the  online FFI ground school test.  PASS is 100% and it's one of those little irritating things :-)   This is to insure that you have minimum knowledge of current FFI guidelines and operational procedure.   Click on the link and you will go to the test sight.  Take it as many times as you need to pass.  Suggest you print a copy before you hit submit!   Click here to take the test:  https://ffi.aero/cexam.html

By signing up, you agree to HOLD HARMLESS the organizers, briefers, safety pilots, flight leads, FFI, EAA Chapter 1388, the Pine Bluff Airport Commission. the city of Pine Bluff, and any other persons involved in this clinic. 
All Participants will be required to sign a HOLD HARMLESS Agreement (1a) as you are registering.  (right after the temperature check :-) 

Contact people are:   Gerald Loyd (The Bulldog) 870-377-2728   and   Bill Schlatterer (Slats) 501-590-9646,

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