Petit Jean 2018 .... Update 4 ... We're just about ready :-) 18G!


Just wanted to remind everyone that the RV Gathering is on in two weeks October 19,20, 21  Friday thru Sunday.   We have 86 registrations at the moment and expect another 20-30 by next week.  Most airplanes 70-100 will arrive sometime Friday, hiking all afternoon and hanging out, big dinner Friday night at the RCC, flying and hiking all day Saturday with formation flights, hiking, museum tours, and other fun stuff Saturday, BBQ under the Big Tent on the ramp Saturday night and hanging out by the campfires.   Hope you can make it.  Call or email for more info.



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Subject: Petit Jean 2018 .... Update 4 ... We're just about ready :-) 18G!


Well, here we are …. right at three weeks out and I can tell you for a fact …. There is going to be a big time on the RV Mountain…. Again :--)    We have been sold out at the Rockefeller Conference Center since about an hour after registrations opened up back in August.  We also have a large (and fun) group committed to camping and we usually get 15-20 more registrations for camping after the 10 day forecast comes out.   The trails are in great shape, the airport is better than ever, the grass has been cut like a golf course, the menus are set, the campground is close to perfect, and the weather will just be wonderful…. We’re pretty sure about that last one :--)  If you’re a first timer on the Mountain and what to know more about what we do, check out our website   or  join the PetitJeanFlyInGroup on Facebook   or check out this video by Kent & Lana Officer  Turn up the sound and enjoy some  Petit Jean Magic


BTW, there are 4 rooms left at Cedar Falls Motel  (501- 727-5636  Patrick or Maria)  for those that missed the Rockefeller Center but we provide transport and every other room there is taken up by a Petit Jean pilot so it’s not too late for a few last lodgers.  I am also told there might be a cabin or two available at Mather Lodge.  If you want one of those, let me know, and I’ll see if we can get that done for you.  Other than that,  all we know is that every other room on the Mountain is booked for our RV family and the RV Gathering. 


If the weather holds, this will be the largest  RV Only gathering in the country and we can promise it will be the most fun.  In addition to the airplanes, the trails, the games, and all of your RV friends and spouses, you’ll get to see some pretty cool formation flights, RV acro, and maybe a couple of surprise flying events that you will talk about for a while…. No idea what you will say but there will definitely be some talk :--) 


Please … the one thing that has not happened consistently is that we have a lot of folks who are registered at the Rockefeller Center but have not yet completed the online registration.  Please …. Please… register online and let us know you are coming and who is coming with you!  If you registered for two rooms at the RCC please have the other couple register online as well so we can get them on the email update lists and prepare accordingly.  Remember we have to bring it all to the Mountain so knowing how many meals, drinks, and transport logistics is important to us if we are going to make sure you have the absolute best RV Easy, spouse friendly, flying weekend you have ever had.


Online Registration Please Click here:


You should expect another update about 10 days out with Arrival Procedures,  Trail and transport schedules, meals and the other things you really don’t need to worry about because we have them covered.  It’s easy camping, easier lodging, and nothing but fun!   If you wanted a room at the RCC and did not get one, please email me and we’ll try to work you in.  We are holding a wait list and will do the best we can to find you a spot.  Camping is always available, it’s just rooms that are limited on the Mountain.


THE THURSDAY BEFORE …. We have had a number of folks volunteer to come in on Thursday the 18th to help or hang out and occasionally beat the weather.  The PJ Indians will be there about 9:00 AM Thursday to get it all cranked up and put the finishing touches on the airport.  Last year we had a surprise arrival dinner at Mather for 40 and the best surprise this year is that they are now serving beer and wine :--) along with dinner.   IF you are coming in Thursday, please let me know for sure so that we can be sure we can put a roof over your head and a biscuit on your plate :--)   Thursday has turned into a completely unplanned and tons of fun day getting ready for the crowd on Friday.  Everyone is welcome to push a lawnmower, set up lighting, pick up sticks, mark off taxiways, and then have a cold one on the ramp with us as the sun goes down.   All in all a really nice day with PJ friends. 


See you one the Mountain J

The Petit Jean Indians !


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Sponsored by EAA 165 and  aided, abetted, or just helped by  The MidSouth RVators, Bulldog Formation Team, many others … and all of the great folks at the Rockefeller Conference Center!


For more info email or call anytime 


Cell 501 590 9646  Anytime



Petit Jean Fly In Website


The Rockefeller Conference Center


Cedar Falls Motel  (501- 727-5636  Patrick or Maria)  a very laid back, 60’s style circle court motel.  It’s fun, clean, reasonable  and on our transport route.  Way better than missing the FlyIn.