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Greg Reese

Steve you’re welcome to come fly with us in Peachtree City.  

On Oct 8, 2018, at 10:50 PM, Steve Dee <goflysteve@...> wrote:

Hey Bulldog-

What a great flying weekend! Thanks for getting me in early to qualify for solo and enjoy the fun. As I look back on my Tactical Air days, I realize that it has indeed been awhile since I did much formation flying, and the last 15 years of that were always as a Flight Lead/Package Commander. So, it was good for me to be back on the wing again. Please let me know when you guys are flying, and I will do my best to get over to join you-I would love to progress in my skill level and get FFI carded so as to participate in package formations when and where needed. 

I have been coordinating soaring contests out in Utah for many years, and know very well what it takes to put together an event like this past weekend. Bravo Zulu (HUAH!) for all your efforts-the meals, the transport, and the flying all combined to make a fantastic return for me back into formation fun. My only question is-how did you make the weather so good for us? (I wish I had that kind of clout!)

Take care-Steve

On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 8:46 PM GERALD LOYD <gwloyd@...> wrote:

We just had one of the best clinics I have been to.  There were 29 pilots and a few guest.  The weather was very good and the food was excellent.  Bad weather across the mid west caused a few cancellations and we missed you guys.  Safely flying formation is our goal and we did a lot of it.

I want to congratulate Dean Marvin (Gumby), Dave Romuald (Torque), Frank Brewer (Bogie), and Scott Sundstrom for passing their Wingman check rides.  Also David Grover deserves recognition for passing his Flight Lead check ride.  FFI Cards are not easy to earn.  Good job guys.

We had 3 Red Scary new formation pilots (Brian Freeman, Rajiv Chalasani, & Jim Ivey) solo in 2 ship flights.  I hope you continue to progress up the FFI ladder to eventually earn a formation card.  You will enjoy the journey.  

We need to thank all of the people that made this possible.  Doug Hale (airport manager) and his staff did a great job taking care of our every need and allowed us to have full use of their facilities.

The EAA Chapter volunteers are just wonderful.  Sara Works our chapter president worked continuously all weekend to be sure we were taken care of and she got some good photos & videos that she will share.  Bruce Rogers, Richard Swartz and his lovely wife were the main cooks.  They did a fantastic job.  A week ago we had a hangar clean up day and there were even more volunteers there .  Thanks for the support .

I want to thank Cassandra Shaw, head of the Pine Bluff Transit department for furnishing our bus transportation.  The drivers were courteous and on time.  We appreciate your help.

Greg Reese (Greese) our check pilot and all up flight lead came a long way to help & provide guidance when needed.  Thank you to the Flight Leads & Safety Pilots too.  You came at your own expense and didn't complain about what ever flight assignment you were given.  The FFI family is better off for your effort.

I know I left out someone, so forgive me. 

Thanks Again


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