PBF Clinic Expectations

Greg Reese

Waldo and I will be presenting the FFI Ground School this year so I wanted to give you a heads up on some need to know items prior to arrival.  

First, if you have no intention to fly an Airshow or at Oshkosh or Sun N Fun then you do not need to be carded and we prefer you don’t get a card.  You’re welcomed to fully participate in the clinic regardless.  

Your plane: Make sure it’s in top notch shape.   Tire pressure and up the gear legs from there.  For new attendees, ensure your plane is in compliance with clinic requirements.  Throttle, push to talk in back (or side) and stick ( bolted in position!).  

Safety Pilots: You may not know you’re going to be one, but if you’re carded, you better be ready to be one.   It’s your responsibility to ensure you are comfortable in your students plane.  If it’s not safe tell someone and don’t fly in it.  Ensure new guys go up just in a two ship until station keeping skills are very good.  That can take the entire clinic and that’s  perfectly fine.  

All Pilots: Ensure you know the material on the ffi.aero website.  The Airshow ops Suppt. Is required knowledge for EVERYONE.  You will be questioned on it in your oral for check rides.  
The change supplement from OSH this summer clarifies some localisms we need to standardize.  Please read it, if there’s questions on it, we will review it before starting Newbie Ground School.  If you’ve never attended a FFI Ground School, you will on Friday.  Please be ready.  

Safety is the goal of the clinic with sharpening skills, teaching new skills and having a good time.   Arrive with ego and background checked at the door and ready to learn and review FFI formation standards.  


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