Lake Havasu Hampton Inn Clinic Reservations CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF !

Carl Brownd - Jawbone <carlbrownd@...>

Hi All,
Sorry for the "Go- Around", but the Hotel is now "Cleared for Takeoff!"

We are pleased to re-announce the dates for the AZ Scorpions RV Formation Clinic 2020:

-This year's dates are Feb. 21-23, 2020.
-Many of us will be arriving Thurs. Feb. 20th for pre-clinic warmup flights.
-NOTICE: The official website will not be up until next week. -Stay tuned...
-This is a preliminary announcement for hotel and planning purposes only.
-Brad "Tailwind" is our official Lead and will be putting up the web site. (We are just helping with Admin. duties and notification for the Hotel, etc.).

-As in previous years, due to logistical support, this clinic will be limited to pilots with prior formation experience.


-Hampton Inn Lake Havasu
-CODE: RVF, or "Arizona Scorpions RV Formation Clinic" block space.
-We have a limited number of rooms available at a special rate, only until January 20th.
-Call and make reservations to hold a room if think you can come.
-This is a busy time of year in sunny Arizona, so make plans now.

NOTE: If you already made reservations you must call and Cancel those reservations and make a new reservation for these dates and block rate....Sorry, but that's the way the hotel has it set up.

Also note: the block rate is for "City View" rooms only- If you want a "LAKE View" you may have to pay an upcharge... (It is a nice view, but we usually don't have much time in the room as it is...)

- Phone 928-855-4071


Once again we apologize for this date change and hope this will accommodate more participants.

Looking forward to another Great AZ Scorpions Formation Clinic!

AZ Scorpions
Carl "Jawbone" Brownd

P.S. If I didn't get the emails correct for other individuals or groups that might be interested, please forward this notice.

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