Re: Video from Randal “Digger”

Oly Olson

As usual Digger produces another fine video, just too bad I couldn’t attend. You guys looked good in the all up & looked like fun was had by all. Maybe next year for me, busy with getting the new -8 up to speed and set up for formation work, smoke, etc.


On Oct 10, 2018, at 8:23 AM, Mark Burns <burnsm57@...> wrote:

Randal asked me to post the link below on this group site. He sent it by email to most everyone from the clinic but some emails bounced back.

From Randal:

I have enclosed the You Tube link of the Pine Bluff allup video  and  have included the photos of Drone, Sara, Dana, and Seba. 

The video is in 1080HD and the clarity will be much Greater if you change the YouTube setting to 1080HD,

You  may have to wait until it is fully loaded to view it without interruption if your internet connection is slow. 

Randal  “Digger” Warren

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