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Jerry N9AVY



Yes, I confirm your QSO as well.     Barely copy you, but Henk was 599.


Jerry  n9avy


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From: stan robinson
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Subject: Re: [070Club] JOTA CQ Spot - 20M


Got LX9S in Luxenbourg with World Scout Bureau Support Center.


Freq 14,0724


Jerry grabbed Henk also. congrats!!







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Subject: [070Club] JOTA CQ Spot - 20M


Just worked W3KWH, Steel City ARC operating JOTA with BSA Troop 9198 from Pittsburgh, PA.

Operator Bayley making good QSOs.


Freq 14,071.9





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As an acknowledgement of your participation in the JOTA on October 18 - 20, 2019,


PODXS 070 Club offers JOTA Participation and Enabler Stickers.


Few people realize that each year more than a million Scouts and Guides "get together" over the airwaves for the annual Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA).


For an excellent example of a JOTA enabler, just check out the QRZ.COM page for Mike, KE0GHU, 070 member #2415.


For an overview of the 62nd annual event, see: Jamboree-on-the-air<;data=02%7C01%7C%7C8dcc60231a4a4caee56b08d754a5b215%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637070942936665930&amp;sdata=6f2SedYk8BnbuDHjNKgnOczVsFKpQKmBZaIh0bAHVZk%3D&amp;reserved=0>.


Always held on the third weekend in October, this year it will run from Friday October 18 thru Sunday October 20. Keep in mind this is not a contest for the most contacts, but an opportunity to dazzle and encourage those millions of potential new PODXS 070 members!


Many of you may already participate as leaders or just answering the “CQ JOTA” calls. This Sticker is intended to increase that activity and help ensure positive experiences for the boys and girls joining this event.


There will be two different Stickers offered to 070 members.


1)  JOTA Participant for those who get on air and make a contact with a JOTA station.


2) JOTA Enabler for those who, working with a troop, set up a station, oversee operation, and "enable" PSK31 JOTA contacts for scouts.


A JOTA Enabler may also claim JOTA Participant if they make a PSK31 contact with another JOTA station.


We will use the honor system - just like the Field Day Sticker - to determine eligibility for both endorsements as it greatly simplifies the process of awarding stickers.  If you say you participated, you participated! Please DO NOT send or attach your log.


After the event and before October 27th, send your email to: robinstan@...<mailto:robinstan@...> as follows:


On the Subject Line, state “JOTA Sticker”.

In the body state the following:

1) Your Call

2) The number of completed JOTA contacts

3) State your role if claiming to be a JOTA Enabler


I will compile the complete list of the participants and Enablers and post that on the 070 Email Reflector.


As we currently do not have a “Sticker Boss”, It may take a while to get the Stickers in the mail. But eventually, you’ll get yours.


P.S.: If you have been considering taking the job of  Director - Mailing and Distribution  (Sticker Boss) after John, KE4JB has left this post, now would be an easy entry point for that 070 support role. Send me your questions!




W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director









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