Thanks !

Jerry N9AVY

Thanks to David , Matt, John and all the others who over the years have done so much to make PODXS 070 a great club !!!


Sting up the scorer was obviously a big job since there seems to be nothing to replace it.  Although Milt’s #2 pencil & calculator were efficient. In this computer age we take the scorer as just another tool which is a really a gift that saves everyone a lot of hours keeping rack of things.


Started out with  10-10 Net Int’l back around ’85-86 and most everything was done without computers back then.  When computers came around they made the record keeping for all the 100+ Chapters easy as well as the upgrades.  Originally the upgrades were done via “snail mail” and took a week or two to turn around. What computers did was to make upgrades able to be sent via email and had a turn around  time of overnight or a matter of hours.  This was the part of 10-10 that was paper chasing with nice certificates and “stickers” for upgrades. (Sounds familiar, huh ? )


Unfortunately, many of the original paper chasers were getting on in years and soon became Silent Keys as years went by.  In the 90’s paper chasing was dying due to the many SK’s and people pursuing other interests.  Now there are about 30 chapters left as opposed to the original 100+.  Computers made things easier, but I believe that they also created too much for people to do.  I was fun while it lasted and many friends were made through the year. Also around 1986, an Convention was created where everyone eyeballed every 2 years (1986, 1988, 1990 in places like Shreveport Louisiana, Milwaukee, WI , Worcester, MA and others until the final one in Connecticut where attendance was low and 10-10 sponsorship went financially in the hole.


Clubs come and go over the years and that’s just the way things are.   The people who run these clubs are usually less than 1% of the membership and are very dedicated to the club and its membership. Few members really know how much work these people put in voluntarily .  These people deserve our thanks !


Hoping that there may be an 11th hour reprieve for PODXS 070….




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