Re: ALERT - 366 Chasers - October

David, K9DWR

On Oct 12, 2019, at 13:21, stan robinson <robinstan@...> wrote:

CONGRATS to Michael, KE0GHU who has completed his 365 level Calendar award with his upload today. Now he needs only 2/29 to complete the 366 level.
way to go!

Michael, according to QRZ.COM you are very active in Boy Scout activities. Please update us on your plans to participate in the BSA JOTA next weekend, October 18 to 20.

Maybe we can encourage some QSOs with 070 members! Maybe we need a Sticker to recognize participation and contacts with BSA stations during JOTA??
Definitely. I’ve worked a JOTA station a few years and Airfest (my APE a few years ago). The scouts definitely take an interest when they see a computer involved

Members, keep you eyes on the next up Calendar need dates:
* NO8R (1) – 10/17
* KC3FL (1) – 10/21
K5KHK (5) – 10/29
* Delos and John can, and I am sure will, complete 366 in October!!

David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255

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