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Scotty W7PSK

Dont come west Jerry.  Our gas tax is 75 cents a gallon and they want to add more.  We are pay 3.59 a gallon.

On 8/10/2019 10:55 AM, Mike - W0TMW wrote:

Jerry, I have in-laws still living in southern Illinois. We went on a trip and stopped off to visit them on the way home (KC). Crossing a Paducah, the gas went up from $2.399/gal to $2.999/gal.

My in-laws and their families are farmers. They buy gas in bulk. It still costs them $2.839/gal.

My wife and I, both born in Illinois and Southern Illinois University/Carbondale grads. left in 1969 and have never lived in Illinois since.

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On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 12:44 PM, Jerry N9AVY wrote:

However, thinking seriously about moving out of Illinois - gas tax cuts down on driving (38 cents /gallon)   Illinois used to be a nice state, but it seems to be circling the drain. 


Jerry  n9avy


Would love to move there. Current gas tax in Vancouver is USD121.77 per US Gallon or 32.17cents/litre
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