Re: Speaking of Endorsements

Scotty W7PSK

Im like 10 short of LONP 500

Scotty W7PSK

On June 26, 2019 at 3:48 PM stan robinson <robinstan@...> wrote:

Talk about so, so, close, but no cigar. If you get a chance, please help out these “almost there” folks:

K3RTK, Rick – Needs one (1) member QSO for LONP at the 100 level.

RN3Z, Mikhail – Needs 15 “N’s” for WTW (has 2231 of 2246 letters needed to complete)

W7PAQ, Frank – Needs 13 “I’s” and 21 “N’s” for WTW (Must be an “N” shortage.)

N9AVY, Jerry – Needs 76 new member QSO’s for LONP Honor Roll++ Level (1,000)*

I’m sure there are many more that are almost there on some Endorsement or other. When you get really close, feel free to post a request for some assistance!


W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

* Only 53 have achieved the 500 member LONP Honor Roll level, but only 3 of 2,696 members have achieved this elite 1,000 QSO level. Several others are within 200 QSO’s needed.

W3HF, Steve – 1,601
NO8R, Delos – 1,451
K8TOM, Tom – 1,250

Scotty W7PSK
Everett, Washington
070 #138

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