Re: FLDIgi on Windows 10

Scotty W7PSK

John have you gotten the newest driver from the Japan Icom site?

Also check your sound card settings, Windows 10 has a bad habit of resetting them.  I have sound card as primary and the USB CODEC set as default communications device.  

Make sure your ports are correct too.

Just a couple things to start.  I have the 7300 running on FLDIGI very well.

Email if you have more questions.

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Subject: [070Club] FLDIgi on Windows 10

I'm having to port over from my trusted Dell Windows 7 to a Lenovo Window 10 laptop, and I can't get fldigi to talk to my Icom 7300.   I've copied all my setting from windows 7, but I have no rig control whatsoever.

If you are working with fldigi on W10, and you have any ideas, I would appreciate hearing them.   You'd think an IT guy like me could figure this out, but I'm losing what little hair I have left!



Scotty W7PSK
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