Re: 15M, 20M, 40M not much luck here so far

Scotty W7PSK

Yes Tom it has been dismall.  

My Appologies to the 070 club for not handing out the Bonus as much as I could, Ive been CQing like mad but the band just is not open up here. Both 20 and 40 have been the pits.  I wish I knew why we always have such crappy conditions up here when the rest of the USA has openings.   Happens on 6 Meters a lot too.

Right now on 20 Ive worked a couple UTAH stations and hear the others Ive worked. Get Smattering of California too but really nothing else.

I feel Ive failed as a bonus station.

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That great, Chris.

We don't even have 20M open here in the Pacific NW at this point (15:46z).

It opened a couple of times yesterday briefly, but just enough to see traces with sporadic decode.  The only exception was around 23:58z.  I managed to get three QSOs completed in a couple minutes.  40M opened here for a brief window between 2:30z and 3:10z and I logged three more QSOs.  I have monitored 15m when there was chatter about it on the reflector, but haven't see a trace yet. 

Enjoy your good (or at least, better) fortune with the prop there!  Maybe we'll see another opening today, I hope.


Scotty W7PSK
Everett, Washington
070 #138

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