Re: JA Endorsement

Milton Garb


Good job there on 40m!

That ZS & FR are a very long haul from the Pac N’west.




LONP #76



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Recent additions to the log are 

ZS2CR at 14:25 on 20M

HS0ZIC at 15:03 on 40M

FR4PG at 14:42 on 40M

9W6EZ at 14:52 on 40M

40M has been my most productive band lately between 12:00-17:00Z

I have always been an early riser so this works great for me.

Wishing everyone a very enjoyable time with family and friends over

the holidays. Sneak a little radio time in as well.




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Barry, et al,

Try 40m at our West coast gray line.

Every morning at 7035.0 kHz.

They ‘re there.

I’ve had many qso’s with old man Suke, JM7OLW for a few years now between 1100z and around 1230z.

When he’s on, you’ll know it! I think he told me that he runs a few hundred watts into a 3 el mono bander at maybe 110’...30 meters.

He’s always strong, and his signal is very clean.




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