Re: Did anyone hear the ZL7?

Scotty W7PSK

I've worked several South Antarctic station but none are at the South Pole but then McMurdo Station only

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Thanks, Martin.  But........, QRZ shows his grid square as IB59uh. That's Hole 15.  Already got that one.  But I'll watch for him.

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Dp1pol will be active again next month

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I looked and looked and looked some more.  I watched and watched. Stayed up late and got up early.  Never did see a trace or a even a spot on any band, for any mode.  I suspect something went a miss and either his trip got cancelled or he never got on the air. 

I need Hole 13 and 16.  Should be able to pick up a ZS1 or ZS2 for 16 without too much difficulty.  But that Hole 13 is TOUGH!  Yeah, some Antarctica would help.  Anyone up for a cold weather DXpedition? You'd have to be on the ice as I've heard /MM doesn't count. Hi hi!

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