API Revisions

2019-10-18 View
  • Added `signature` to `member_info` object.
2019-10-11 View
  • Added `open_donations_visible` to `perms` object.
  • Added `subgroups_visible` to `perms` object.
  • Added `hashtags_visible` to `perms` object.
  • Removed `view_archives` from `perms` object.
  • Changed `view_guidelines` to `guidelines_visible` in `perms` object.
  • Added `perms` field to `member_info` object.
  • Added new Subs array to `user` object.
  • The `member_info` object now only returns the fields that are set by the endpoint. Previously it returned all fields, regardless of whether the fields were set or not (some endpoints won't set all the fields based on permissions).
2019-10-04 View
  • Added new `webhook_event` and `webhook_subscription` objects. Webhook endpoints will be arriving shortly.
  • BUGFIX: The `/getmembers` API endpoint would return all members, including banned and pending members, if you didn't specify a `type`, instead of only returning normal members, which it should do.
  • Added `/getphoto` endpoint.
  • Added `display_name`, `user_name`, `profile_photo_url`, `profile_privacy`, `email` fields to the `photo` object.
  • Added `/reportcontent` endpoint.
2019-09-20 View
  • Added `/newmembernotice`, `/updatemembernotice`, `/deletemembernotice`, and `/getmembernotices` endpoints.
  • Added `/searchfiles` endpoint.
  • Added `/searchphotos` endpoint.
  • Added `/getfiledirectory` and `/getfile` endpoints.
  • Changed `snippet` field to `summary` in the `search_result` object for naming consistency.
  • Added `/testnotification` endpoint.
2019-09-20 View
  • Added `sort_field`, `second_order`, `query`, `sort_dir` fields to the pagination object.
  • Added `/registerdevice` endpoint for registering device tokens for notifications.
  • Added `exclude_aliases` flag to `/gethashtags` endpoint.
  • Added `/searcharchives` endpoint and related `search_result` and `search_results_list` objects.
  • Added `profile_photo_url`, `name` and `can_view_profile` fields to the `chat` object
  • Added `alias` field to `hashtag`.
  • Added `announce` flag to `/newchat` endpoint.
  • Added `addalbum`, `updatealbum`, `deletealbum`, `addphotos`, `updatephoto`, `deletephoto` endpoints.
2019-09-13 View
  • Changed `gallery_url` to `thumbnail_url` in attachments and photos.
  • Added `getalbums` and `getphotos` endpoints.
  • Changed `profile_photo_id` field in `member_info` to `profile_photo_url`.
  • Added `chatmembers` endpoint.
  • Added `updateprofile` endpoint.
  • Added `num_drafts` field to `member_info` object.
  • Added `updateprofilephoto` and `deleteprofilephoto` endpoints.
2019-09-06 View
  • Changed `profile_photo_id` to `profile_photo_url` in the User object.
2019-08-30 View
  • Added `googleloginstart` and `googleloginfinal` endpoints.
  • Added `facebookloginstart` and `facebookloginfinal` endpoints.
  • Added the `allow_sso_login` field to User object.
  • Added new `logout` endpoint to clear cookies.
2019-08-23 View
  • BREAKING CHANGE: All POST endpoints now require a `csrf` field. The new `csrf_token` in the `login` object should be used for this.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: API endpoints have been moved to https://groups.io/api/v1. The old endpoints will remain up for a month. Please update your code as soon as possible.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The API is moving from Basic Authentication to a cookie based authentication. The existing Basic Auth tokens will continue to work until they expire. Please update your code as soon as possible.
  • The `chatdata` endpoint is now working.
  • Added `profile_privacy` and `version` fields to `chat_message`.
  • Changed `is_subscribed` field in `chat` to `chat_sub`.
  • Changed `profile_photo_id` field in `chat_message` to `profile_photo_url`.
  • Added `show_closed` parameter to the `getchats` endpoint.
2019-08-16 View
  • Changed `/getgroup` endpoint to require a `group_name` for groups that you are not subscribed to, for security.
  • Documentation change: The Objects section has been moved to the end of the docs.
  • The Group object now includes a Perms object if you are subscribed to the group.
  • Relaxed the requirement for having the `manage_group_settings` permission when accessing the `/getgroup` endpoint.
  • Added `/sendchatmsg` endpoint.
  • Added `/getchathistory` endpoint.
  • Added `group_name` and `nice_group_name` to the Event object.
2019-08-09 View
  • Renamed all instances of `sub_id` parameters to `member_info_id`. In all cases, `sub_id` will still be accepted to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • Removed API_KEY requirement for the /login endpoint.
  • Changed the /login endpoint from GET to POST.
  • Misc documentation improvements.
2019-07-19 View
  • New Chats section and endpoints.
  • New /getevent endpoint.
  • New /rsvp endpoint.
  • New /getgroupaliases endpoint.
  • Previously, the /getsubgroups endpoint would return group objects that represented group aliases. It now longer returns these.
  • In the /directadd endpoint, if a subgroupname or subgroupid is specified that points to a group alias, the pointed to group will be used instead.
  • Misc documentation improvements.
2019-07-05 View
  • New Drafts section and endpoints.
  • Misc documentation improvements.
2019-06-21 View
  • New /getevents endpoint.
2019-06-10 View
  • Changed the format of the past member object.
2019-06-07 View
  • New /getpastmembers endpoint.
  • Various new object members.
2018-11-09 View
  • New subscription_plus field: nice_group_name.
  • New /gettopics parameter: `extended`.
2018-11-02 View
  • New subscription_plus fields: group_alias, org_id, org_domain.
  • Additional error codes for the /v1/login endpoint.
  • Working /gettopics endpoint, and start of documentation for the "topic" and "hashtag" objects.
2018-09-19 View
  • New subscription post_status values: sub_poststatus_modfirstmessage, sub_poststatus_modstartedtopics.
2018-08-29 View
  • New group field: handle_virus.
2018-08-10 View
  • Changed group field: restrict_create_hash_tags is now hash_tag_permissions.
2018-07-16 View
  • New group field: subgroup_category_id.
2018-07-10 View
  • New group fields: allow_reposts, min_days_between_reposts, max_number_of_reposts.
2018-06-21 View
  • Changed user field: time_pref now refers to how times should be formatted.
  • New user field: date_pref.
  • New group fields: default_date_pref, default_time_pref.
2018-06-12 View
  • New group fields: seperate_footers, allow_downloads.
  • New permissions fields: download_archives, download_entire_group
2018-02-26 View
  • The /updatemember endpoint has been updated with the ability to set a member's signature and email address (if a premium group).
  • Added group_attachments_moderated as an option for a group's handle_attachments field.
  • Added group_id to the errors section of the direct_add object.
  • Added subscription permission `sub_perm_viewmembers`.
  • Added `lock_group` option to the /updategroup endpoint.
2018-02-02 View
  • The group object now includes the new `fig_leaf` attribute.
2018-01-11 View
  • The group object now returns various counts, including subs, pending subs, pending messages, threads and messages.
  • The group object now returns the new default timezone value.
2017-10-23 View
  • Working /creategroup endpoint.
  • Changed the "invalid groupname" error from /createsubgroup to "invalid group_name" for consistency.
  • /createsubgroup now takes subscription options.
2017-10-06 View
  • Working /bulkremovemembers endpoint.
  • /getgroup can now take a group_name parameter instead of a group_id parameter.
2017-09-01 View
  • Working /downloadarchives endpoint.
2017-08-24 View
  • Working /updatesub endpoint.
  • Working /deletesub endpoint.
  • Improvements in doc consistency.
2017-08-21 View
  • Working /deletegroup endpoint.
2017-08-18 View
  • Pointer to this new changelog.
  • Working /createsubgroup endpoint.
2017-08-17 View